What To Look Out For Before You Start Your Teaching Career

Singapore is one of the most orderly cities in the world, and it is a top destination because of its rich blend of Chinese, Malaysian and Western Influences. If you are planning to take your teaching skills to Singapore at one of the best international schools Singapore, it is a worthy consideration if you have the certification. The public education system in Singapore has adopted the English Language, and if you are planning to teach at a public school, you have to get approved by the Ministry of Education. There are lots of opportunities for teachers at the best international schools Singapore. The larger percentage of Singapore’s urban population are expats, so there is a need for teachers in different international schools across the country.

Salary and Benefits for Teachers in Singapore

Your qualifications and experience mainly decide salary. The minimum benefits package as a teacher in Singapore include airfare and relocation allowance. Some of the best international school Singapore offer health care, accommodation and provision for your dependents if you have any.

Hiring Teachers in Singapore

Most international schools in Singapore accept applications for teaching positions all through the year. The academic session runs from January to December with a month-holiday in June and another holiday of six weeks in December.

Required Qualifications for Teachers in Singapore

The minimum requirement for most of the teaching positions at the best international schools Singapore is a bachelor’s degree. To better your chances at getting hired, you should have an Education degree in your subject area. If you are applying for ESL positions, you will need a TEFL alongside your Bachelor’s degree.

Getting a Visa

Once you get a job offer from a school, the school, on your behalf, will apply for a work permit or Employment Pass. To get a visa that will allow you to work as a teacher in Singapore, you must have gotten an employment offer from one of the best international schools Singapore.

Lifestyle in Singapore

Singapore offers a rich blend of influences from different cultures. Singapore is mainly urban and has quite a dense population. It also remains one of the safest and cleanest in the world. Standard of living in a forward-thinking and moving country like Singapore is high, and Singapore is no exception. Cost of housing, groceries and transport has risen over the past few years which has made Singapore get listed on the list of the world’s costliest countries to reside. Fortunately, salaries for teachers are high enough to match this standard of living. Compared to a lot of western cities that have a high standard of living, life in Singapore is quite affordable.

As a teacher in Singapore, a typical salary package includes airfare and relocation allowance. Not many schools include housing allowances, so most residents in the city occupy high-rise apartment buildings. Most apartments are equipped with everything required to make life comfortable for anybody.

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