What You Can Do To Encourage Bonding In Your Student Dorm

A difficult time awaits first-year students if a good rapport is not created within the hostels. Newcomers should find it easy to interact with their seniors and vice versa. The dilemma is how such a connection can be established considering the differences in years of study. However, most students are in the same age bracket, which creates a point of contact.

To ensure that students bond easily in their hostels require some level of creativity. The hoodies’ fashion is on trend, which gives you a reason to consult a hoodies printing Singapore company to offer you some ideas suitable for your context. The services go deeper than just doing traditional printing services.

You could have appealing attires that send a message to others. As you know, human beings are social beings and require bonding with other people to feel enriched and happy. The list below gives you some ideas you can implement to enhance bonding in hostels.

1. Clusters

It would be difficult to bring together a group of thousands of people together for meaningful interaction. However, you could subdivide yourselves into smaller groups, which act as families. Then allocate a colour for each group. To create a sense of belongingness, you could contact t-shirt printing Singapore for similar attires that help identify members of each group.

The breakdown of the large school community into small manageable groups creates a network for each student. However, you should make known that the idea is not meant to segregate students. Anyone should be welcome to interact with members of other clusters in the institution.

2. Customised t-shirts

Most times, students fail to interact because they don’t know each other. Thus, this is an opportunity to do t-shirts with the student’s name. This will ease the awkward moment of having to hiss or whistle to call someone. You can organise unique and legible calligraphy for easy identification.

Students are always in a fix on how to break the ice when introducing themselves to strangers. That will be a bygone because one only needs to identify a colleague through their branded attires. However, not every time students will be on these t-shirts, but it does solve the problem halfway.

3. Competitions

Earlier, we talked about clusters. You can arrange for group competitions to increase the bond among the members. You could do cheap jersey printing Singapore for each team to help you identify your team. Rewards should motivate the team that wins. You will interact easily after the games as you analyse how the competition was. You can celebrate with your teammates by throwing a party that helps you to keep the friendship growing.

4. Students welfare

You should be a community that is ready to provide support to fellow students if need be. There could be students struggling to raise their upkeep or school fees; you should show concern by offering to support such individuals. Social welfare makes students feel free to open up about issues they may be going through in their life. You could also organise hostel welfare kitty that supports fellow students in case of any challenging moment in their life. Consequently, students bond freely when there is a point of interaction and interest.

5. Community outreach

Apart from interacting with the school environment, a bond can be strengthened through involvement in community work. You can organise a clean-up of the local market or garbage collection. You will interact with fellow students during the planning process and the event’s day. Such activities cannot succeed unless the students are united and can communicate with one another.

The students’ bond plays a vital role not only in their social life but also in their academic life. Therefore, students should cultivate a culture of oneness to excel. Life continues after campus and the networks created during your campus days play a part in your story of success. Thus, students should have a strong bond in their hostels.

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