What You Can Do To Tighten The Bond With Your Employees

You have been saving, looking for investors and even taking a loan for you to open up your own company. You had to deny yourself some luxuries so that you can be able to realise your dream. Now that it has happened and you have become your boss, it doesn’t mean that you can throw caution to the wind. You need to make sure that you hire the best people for the job since managing the company alone can be quite cumbersome. The way these employees deliver the services to the customer matters a lot; they can either make or break your company.

It is wise for you as an employer to have a bond with your employees, because it will make them feel needed and essential for the development of your company.

As strict as you may be, your employees need to know that they can approach you and you will give them a listening ear. Here are ways you can use to bond with them.

Have Team Building Seminars

It is always difficult to socialise with people in the professional environment; the staff might behave in a sternway, with everybody trying to meet their deadlines nobody really has time for conversations or bonding.

Team building seminars take the form of retreats for your employees for a day or two. In the sanctuary, the staff gets to do activities that help them be more open and relaxed. You and the staff are supposed to let your guard down and know each other. Other activities like going for an escape room adventure while on the team building retreat can make you and your staff relaxed and at ease with each other.

Show Appreciation

Whenever an employee does a wonderful job or whenever they go that extra mile to make money for you, please appreciate. Doing that will push them to do better. They will also know that you are keen on what they do and hence have better productive employees. Don’t treat your employees like whatever they do is because of the salary you are paying them.

Appreciating them doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg; you can put up an employee of the month picture where everybody who comes in the company can be able to see. You could give out vouchers for shopping in different stores or for spa treatments. This will go a long way in building your bond together and letting the business grow in a bigger and better way.

Help Them with Their Goals and Dreams

No employee wants to remain in the same position forever whether they are a cashier, janitor or cook. Try and find out what the employee’s dreams are about, do they want to be a store manager at some point in their life but just started as a cashier? Talk to them, and you might be so surprised by their goals. Encourage them and try as much as you can to push them in that direction. Guide and support them by teaching them how to prioritise.

You shouldn’t behave in a way that suggests that they will be in that position forever. Another mistake is when a position becomes vacant instead of looking within the company for someone who can fill it; you go out and hire people. That can make the staff feel like they will never grow even if they are loyal to your company.

Even though you are the boss always remember that you are dealing with people, who have feelings and real-life issues. Treat them with respect and they will respect you too. Be kind to them, and they will be kind when dealing with your clients in how they deliver services.

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