What You Should Know About Fire Extinguisher Servicing

If you are Singapore and an avid user of fire extinguishers, chances are that you are looking for answers to your most pressing servicing needs for this lifesaver. Portable fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against fires of limited size, and they should be readily accessible as well as fully functional for immediate use.

All of them, like most other things, are not created equal. It is therefore essential to have the proper size and agent to minimize damage. The adequately maintained extinguishers well-operated and well-serviced are best adjusted to save lives and sidestep property damage.

Visual Inspection?

As a user, fire extinguisher maintenance starts from you and should be done on a monthly basis. Make sure the device is in the right place and that it is where it can be easily spotted. The operating instructions should face outwards, remain clear and easy to read.

Checkfortheconditionoftheextinguisherforanyapparentdamageormissingparts.Make sure the pressure is always within safe operating limits. Lastly, are the seal and tamper indicators still intact?

Extended Servicing?

There are many fire extinguisher experts in Singapore that will help you do an extended service. It involves completely discharging the cylinder, check for corrosion on the insides, refilling and repressuring.

If you use a Carbon  Dioxide (CO2) extinguisher, then you need to call for an extended service every ten years. A good number of experts will supply a service exchange units because of the rigorous essentials of this process. Mind you, buying a new extinguisher might be cheaper.

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