Why Is it A Must To Have A Good Bed Frame?

Your bed frame is an essential component of your bed.

Whenever people talk about having a good night sleep, mattresses often dominate the discussion. The mattress of choice, whether it is a memory foam mattress or pocket spring mattress in Singapore, is expected to rhyme with your sleeping style, and weight. And it can ultimately affect your health.

However, people seldom talk about the bed frame. At best, we all think that it’s just a structure meant to hold in place the more important element, the mattress.

Little do we know that the less glamorous part of the bed plays just as an important role as the mattress, although different.

Read on and find out the importance of a good bed frame.

Acts as the Foundational Support

The bed frame is the foundational support, it supports the mattress which in turn supports you. If you have a king size or a queen size mattress, then your bed frame must have a sturdy centre support.

If it doesn’t then you will gradually damage your mattress and eventually damage your back, so make sure you assess the bed frame carefully before purchasing it.

Holds the Mattress in Place

The primary function of a bed frame is to hold the mattress firmly and in the proper position. It shouldn’t be too small, a king size mattress will not fit in a queen size bed frame. Your mattress will keep shifting and sliding on the bed as you move around.

Worse still, you’ll probably have movement disruptions that’ll keep you awake through the night and you’ll be waking up to the sight of dishevelled sheets and pillows lost between the spaces.

Supports the Weight of the Mattress and Prevents Sagging

Bed frames are also designed to evenly support the weight of a mattress. As we advance in technology and in the knowledge of how we sleep, mattresses are designed with heavier materials which have less homogeneous materials.

Even in places where the mattress is not frequently slept on, say like a hotel, a weak bed frame gives leeway for mechanical deterioration causing the mattress to sag which can be a health hazard, especially for your back. Also, it’ll cause you to replace the mattress prematurely.

A strong and sturdy bed frame, on the other hand, reduces the possibilities of sagging or exposing your back to health hazards.


Lastly, bed frames can come in handy for many other uses.

For starters, you can use the bed frames to create new opportunities for extra storage.  Everyone can use extra-storage in the bedroom. Some bed frames are created with this in mind and they have built-in storage drawers.

Bed frames can also complement the décor of your bedroom. Upholstered bed frames can add a twist of texture and pattern to a neutral style bedroom. Or better yet, make them the centrepiece of your bedroom.

Your bed frame is just as important as any other parts of your bed, so you definitely should not neglect it and do your homework and check that you have a strong bed frame with the correct size.

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